Public Safety

The safety of neighborhoods is our top priority. In today’s world, neighborhoods across the country face many challenges in keeping our streets and neighbors safe.  Our safety priorities include:

  • Keeping our children safe from predators and other criminal activities.
  • Protecting pedestrians from from texting drivers.
  • Helping our elderly avoid scam artists.


Local Land-Use Decisions

While we support new economic development opportunities, we want to ensure that new commercial or residential development projects don’t negatively impact existing communities. Ensuring that adequate infrastructure and services can handle the additional growth of traffic and people is vital – including infrastructure involving transportation, schools, healthcare and emergency services.


Short-Term Rentals

What started out as a way for well-intentioned folks to make some extra money by renting out a spare room in their home has turned into a multi-billion industry. Residential neighborhood homes are turning into “illegal hotels” with strangers constantly coming and going. Ensuring that short-term rentals are adequately regulated at the local level in a way that meets the needs of the community is a top priority.


Diversity & Inclusiveness

We support efforts to celebrate and promote the diversity and inclusiveness of America’s neighborhoods. As one of the defining characteristics of the American people, we live in communities with neighbors from many different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and political beliefs.  Promoting and celebrating our differences is what makes America’s neighborhoods great.


Housing Costs

In many urban and suburban communities across the country, the cost of housing is a major issue or even at a crisis point. We want to ensure that housing costs do not negatively impact our quality of life – so we advocate for:

  • More affordable housing for our vital workforces.
  • More housing options for the enormous millennial population reaching the homebuying age.
  • Adequate options for our neighbors reaching retirement.



Protecting the environment and natural resources in and near our neighborhoods is an important issue. To support sustainability, we back initiatives to preserve more open space, mitigate storm water properly, explore alternative energy systems, and require new commercial and residential buildings are built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Standards.


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